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Granado Granaderma Hydra-Intense SPF 8 - Moisturizing Lip 4.5g

by Granado
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Vegetable waxes, Buriti oil and Oat Milk: hydrates and nourishes the skin, providing softness and smoothness. Solar filter: protects skin from assaults and damage caused by sunlight. P>

Apply the moisturizer directly on the lips whenever you feel necessary. Use daily. P>

Moisturizing Lip with sun protection. Granado Granaderma Hydra-Intense Moisturizing Lip FPS8 contains vegetable waxes that hydrate the delicate skin of the lips. With sunscreen, it keeps you protected from sunlight. Granado Granaderma Hydra-Intense Moisturizing Lip FPS8 solves the problem of dry lips, cracking or peeling, turning them into a skin soft, moisturized and smooth. soft lips, protected, hydrated and smooth, without the discomfort of cracks and dryness. P>