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Granado Granaderma Antioleosidade - Facial Moisturizing Gel 50g

by Granado
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Active mushroom Fomes officinalis: astringent, reduces enlarged pores and also hydrates the skin so that it is soft. Vitamin B and amino acids: nourishes and moisturizes the skin. P>

Spread the gel on clean skin, massaging gently. P>

Face moisturizing gel for oily skin. Hydrates, reduces the appearance of pores and minimizes glare while providing a matte effect. Granado Granaderma Facial Gel Moisturizer Antioleosidade helps prevent acne while keeping the skin to save the drawbacks pimples appearing just at the feast. With mild formula and astringent action controls excessive oiliness. For your skin is smooth, Granado Granaderma Facial Gel Moisturizer Antioleosidade gives soft touch, silky and velvety, but without leaving sticky. The face is hydrated, free of glare and with less apparent pores. Your skin is moisturized with matte touch and less apparent pores. P>