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Granado Barber Hair, Beard and Mustache - Shampoo 150ml

by Granado
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Apply on the hair, beard and mustache damp and massage. Then rinse. P>

hair, beard and mustache cleaned and treated with delicious sensation of freshness. P>

Shampoo for beard, mustache and all hair types. Granado Barber hair shampoo, beard and mustache and cleans the wire by giving freshness. Its formula enriched with extract of Moringa mild surfactants and is free of salt, parabens and dyes. Granado Barber hair shampoo, beard and mustache remove impurities and excess sebum without drying the hair while promoting moisturizing, conditioning and softness. Try a delicious refreshing and soothing sensation with Granado Barber Shop Shampoo Hair, Beard and Mustache! Filmography p>