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Granado Barber Balm - Balm After Shave 60ml

by Granado
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Essential oils of Juniper and Mint: provide a delicious sensation of freshness. Emollients assets: smooth and calm, leaving irritated skin and relieving discomfort. Germ Trigoe Yeast: quickly reconstitute the protective skin layer. P>

Spread the balm on the face and expect to absorb completely. P>

Post-shave for all skin types. Refreshes and soothes the feeling of dryness or discomfort. For a revitalized face, Granado Barber Balm After Shave is multifunctional. That's because it moisturizes, refreshes, softens, soothes, heals and does not irritate. The formula is light and has no alcohol to the skin is smooth and free from dryness. After the face was lisinho, Granado Barber Balm After Shave still leaves it soft and velvety. The skin is fresh, free of redness and discomfort. Your skin feels fresh and free from discomfort. P>