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Granado Pitanga Balm - Lip Balm 13g

by Granado
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olive oil, sweet almond, vegetable waxes and Vitamin E: responsible for the hydration and nutrition of the lips resulting in a lisinha skin. What's more, fight free radicals, the main villains of the playfulness of região.Manteigas Shea and Oliva: in addition to deeply hydrate, create a protective film on the lips, leaving them healthy longer! P>

Apply directly on the lips with your fingers or brush and spread evenly. Reapply whenever necessary. Our Experts Teach You can bet on the lip balm as often as desired. The product can be used even in the night time to have a greater result of hydration. Learn more: 5 Reasons to Use lip balm with a dermatologist Lira Flavia Diniz. P>

lip balm. Granado Lip Balm is ideal to moisturize, nourish and provide a delicious aroma of fruit on her lips. Formulated with shea and olive oils, sweet almond, vegetable waxes and vitamin E, Lip Balm Granado acts as a natural antioxidant and forms a protective film on the lips. It also promotes a healthy appearance completely and soft touch. His lips moisturized and nourished deeply. P>