Granado Antiseptic Sport Anticansaço - Relaxing Gel 120g

  • $28.90

Herb Whaling extract: relax and minimizes fatigue of the legs. Essential Oil of Mint: With relaxing action, refreshes the skin. P>

Once the physical activities, gently massaged throughout the leg. P>

Relaxing Gel for tired legs, for all skin types. Relieves tension caused by physical activity, providing delicious refreshing feeling. Granado Sport Gel Anticansaço relaxes and helps minimize excessive tiredness. With rapid absorption, the skin becomes silky, soft and sequinha. After practicing sport, nothing better than to feel comfortable with Granado Sport Gel Anticansaço your legs are free of tension and discomfort caused by physical activity. Her legs are relaxed, refreshing and free of tensions. P>