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Hidramais Golden clay mascara peel-off - hydramais

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The golden clay mask peel-off of the professional hydramates rejuvenates, moisturizes and cleans the skin deep. Thanks to the power of golden clay, it is possible to have a detox and rejuvenating action in a single product. In addition, the application is practical! Just pass a thin layer on the skin, wait about 20 minutes and remove (it comes out of the face as a plastic film).

How to use: Apply the golden clay mask Peel-off gently with your fingers or a brush. Spread through the face with circular movements, from the forehead to the chin. Leave acting for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with the tips of the fingers. * Rinse the face with water or remove the excess with a moistened towel to prevent it from being vestige of the product.