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Glamor Just Shine Deodorant Cologne 75ml - o Boticario

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Brightness and relaxation make this fragrance a success. Glamor Just Shine deodorant Colony Mix the glitter of caramelized pear and bergamot with a super feminine floral body: magnolia, solar flower, iris and jasmine. The finishing touch comes from salt crystals that bring more luminousness to the fragrance. With the union of these ingredients the formula of this feminine fragrance is born, with notes that reinforce femininity and liveliness. In addition, as is within the Floriental Gourmand family, the Glamor Just Shine Colony deodorant combines with day to day, but it can also highlight you at night, since it has glamor nuances, found in the crystals of the salt flower, which The final touch to the fragrance, bringing a freshest and innovative note. This combination results in a delicious sensory experience, ideal for those who like to risk! Glamor Just Shine deodorant Cologne also combines with moisturizing lotion illuminating body deodorant glamor just shine. A good union to give someone special! No botican group product is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Floriental Gourmand