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Natura CHRONOS Antissinais 45+ Noite Firmeza Radiância / anti-aging Cream 45+ Night Firmness And Radiation - 40g

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GEL CREME ANTISSINAIS 45+ NOITE FIRMEZA E RADIÂNCIA CHRONOS - 40G / Antisseting Cream 45+ Night Firmness and Radiation Chronos - 40g

Reduces wrinkles, recovers firmness and radiance, hydrates intensely and regenerates (cell detox).

From the age of 45, the skin begins to lose elasticity and tends to get more dry and opaque. The ideal treatment is one that retrieves its firmness and radiance. The 45+ antissinal cream gel reduces wrinkles, recovers firmness and radiance, moisturizes intensely and protects.


• The nightlife has cellular detox technology, which regenerates the skin by eliminating cellular toxins and repairs the damage suffered throughout the day.

• Nourishes and moisturizes skin deep.

• Immediately: promotes radiance and moisturizes intensely.

• After 7 days: it intensifies the production of collagen by up to 4x.

• After 15 days: softens wrinkles and restores facial contour.

• After 30 days: it retrieves the firmness of the skin.

• After 60 days: reduces deep wrinkles.

• Free texture of oil.

• Quick absorption.

• Velvety touch.

• Extract of Jatobá - active Brazilian biodiversity that intensifies the production of collagen while protecting the existing collagen.

• Amino acids - assets that protect elastin fibers and inhibit microdays, which contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

Content: 40 g - render up to 80 applications.