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Natura EKOS Fluido Massagem Andiroba / Massage Fluid For Body Andiroba - 100g

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FLUIDO DE MASSAGEM PARA O CORPO ANDIROBA EKOS - 100G / Massage Fluid for Body Andiroba Ekos - 100g

Its hydrated skin, with comfort and well-being.

Enjoy this fluid rich in limonoids and terpenes that spreads easily and is perfect for massaging, contributing to the reduction of swelling. Andiroba seeds that have seen a crude oil capable of blindar and protecting the skin are collected mainly by women from communities such as JauAri and Cart, which earn more revenue and autonomy.


• Recommends the skin barrier;

• Shielding against daily damage;

• 98% natural origin;

• Biocompatible formula;

• Protects and rebates the skin;

• Helps in the relaxation of daily tensions that accumulate on the back, shoulders, neck, legs and feet;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens, silicones and mineral oil.

Content: 100g.