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Floratta Flowers Secret Deodorant Cologne 75ml - o Boticario

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Florattaflores Secret deodorant Cologne is an amazing fragrance inspired by the fig, which although it is called fruit, is a kind of inverted flower. Inside the fig, they hide lowercase and secret flowers that turn into small and delicious fruits. Combining with the chord of fig, femininatraz essaph also succulent fructual notes and a vibrant floral, with all the mysteries of femininity. A fragrance made for the romantic woman as it is as surprising as that love that time holds and then presents unexpectedly. Ah! This product is vegan. To complete this experiment, enhancement enforce Moisturizer Deodorant Bodyforattaflors Secret. The same fragrance of the Colony deodorant, with a creamy ehydrating texture. No botican group product is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Frutal Floral