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Facial Solar Protector EPISOL SEC OC FPS 30 BG 60G - Mantecorp

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Episol SEC OC is a facial sunscreen for oily skin. It has SKIN Self technology technology with assets that act directly in the sebaceous gland. Controls the oiliness by 12h, reduces pores and provides clean skin sensation with dry touch and matifying effect. High protection against solar damage caused by UVA / UVB and infrared rays A. Benefits
-Technology Skin Self Control: New generation in photoprotection for oily skin (silica glycospheres pre-loaded with the assets MiniPornyl and Nelupure)
-12h of oiliness and facial brightness
-Redue the size and number of pores (astringent action)
- UVA / UVB and infrared protection
-Prevines early aging
-Tock dry and matte effect
- Clean skin
-Priving collagen
-Available in FPS30, FPS60 and FPS99
-No obstructs the pores
-The nice fast absorption and easy spreadability
-Daily use
- Water-resistant "ingredients (active principles)
Solar protective grape and UVB filters
Skin Self Technology, with assets that control the oiliness, acting directly in the gland
Sebacea.Modo of Use (How to Use)
"The product should be applied in abundance and evenly on the skin before exposure to the sun. Daily use.