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Facial Moisturizer Epidrat Mat Clear FPS30 CR BG CT 40ml - Mantecorp

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Facial moisturizing with ultramate effect, reduction of brightness and FPS 30, being ideal for oloca and / or acne skin. In addition to UVA / UVB protection, its formula further combines moisturizing, antioxidants, antipolution and mathematants that control oiliness and prevent damages that result in signs of aging. It has light and fluid texture. Provides quick absorption and dry touch. Available in color and light and medium color versions, these two latter two for natural cover with uniform effect and visible light protection. Benefits
Ultramate and reduction of brightness
-Control of oiliness for up to 10hrs
-Contains fps 30
Protection UVA / UVB
-Resistent water and sweat
-Com natural cover for uniforming effect
-Protection against visible light "ingredients (active principles)
Exclusive bio-multiprotection technology that associates assets such as Ronacare AP, Apollushin and Physaun, Vitamin Emodo of Use (How to Use)
On clean and dry skin, apply on the face and spread evenly. Apply a single layer - fast drying. Daily use or according to medical orientation.