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Facial Liquid Soap Glycare Duo BG 120g - Mantecorp

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Daily soap for deep cleansing and weekly facial mask that intensifies the improvement of skin texture and uniformity. With glycolic acid in nano 3D matrix associated with niacinamide stimulates cell renewal, controls the oiliness, aids in reducing blackheads and pimples and maintains physiological pH and natural skin hydration. Benefits
-Forula exclusively with glycolic acid + niacinamide
- Deep velpency
- Cellular renewal
-Control of oiliness
Betting in the uniformity of the skin tone
-Auxilia in reducing acne, inflammatory lesions and comedones "ingredients (active principles)
Glycolic acid in nano 3d matrix. In this way there will be prolonged asset delivery, which is an important cell renewal agent, providing control of oiliness and skin uniform.
Niacinamide: reduction of oiliness, hydration, whitening agent, reduces the amount of skin sebum.Modo of use (how to use)
Soap: Apply on the skin moistened once or twice a day, or at medical criteria, massaging softly. Then rinse with abundant water. Mask: Apply a generous layer over dry skin, slightly massaging to the formation of a uniform mask, let us act for 5 minutes and remove with abundant water. Use once a week.