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Ever-ton Strength Gold 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece w/ Lig & Cap

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The Full Pop metal mouthpiece has a ramp with a very sharp step that provides bright and powerful sound. Great balance in all records and very suitable for Gospel, Pop and Smooth Jazz styles.

Developed with design software technology and machined from CNC machines (Computer Numeric Control), resulting in an extremely accurate part. Suitable for intermediate and professional musicians.

Ever-Ton, a Brazilian industry, produces its mouthpieces using modern technology and high quality raw materials. Tested and approved by teachers, masters and musicians of different styles. Ever-Ton mouthpieces are the best option for you who want the perfect sound.Mouthpiece with balanced sound, powerful in medium and high bass, brilliant without being strident.
Comes with metal clamp with unique machined design and no welds
Bullet style ramp
intermediate and professional level
Openings: 7 - 2.20mm and 8 - 2.45mm

-01 Ever-ton Metal Strenght Gold 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece 
-01 Case