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Estrela Falcon Futurista Future Yellow Collectible Toy Miniature Statue Doll

by Estrela
Original price $165.00 - Original price $165.00
Original price
$165.00 - $165.00
Current price $165.00
Height / Width / Length of the package (centimeters) 36.5 x 7 x 30

Packaging Weight (grams) 520

Age: From 3 years old

Product Interactivity

Motor coordination and development of artistic thinking and aesthetic perception

Contains in the package:
1 redhead Falcon doll with beard and fixed eyes
1 pair of futuristic red boots
1 black and yellow jumpsuit with Falcon sticker on the chest
1 black and yellow swimwear
1 blue and gold belt
1 red laser submachine gun with transparent tip and red bandolier
1 futuristic red helmet with visor and stickers (consumer-applied).

Components: plastics and fabric
Brand: Star