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Estrela Falcon Eagle Eyes Articulated Miniature Patrolman Collectible Doll Toy

by Estrela
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“Eagle Eyes” series is back. Nothing escapes Falcon's control - his eagle eyes move from side to side, commanded by a small lever. A real superhero likes different missions, which is why Falcon Eagle Eyes appears in the middle of three adventures: like Falcon Eagle Eyes Patrolman, with blond hair and beards, attention turns to all the dangers of the borders; Falcon Eyes of Eagle Captain Navigator, with red hair and beard, is the watchman of the seas; and Falcon Eagle Eyes Pilot, brown hair and beard, has the gift of a great champion - 40 years ago Estrela promoted the launch of Falcon Eagle Eyes in four different models, two in spy variations, one pilot and the other climber.
Height: Approximately 30cm

-01 Estrela Falcon Eagle Eyes Articulated Miniature Patrolman