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Estrela Falcon Articulated Miniature Collectible Submarine Treasure Scuba Diver

by Estrela
Original price $330.00 - Original price $330.00
Original price
$330.00 - $330.00
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A super classic that is back to kill your longing and conquer the new kids! In celebration of its 80 years, Estrela brought back the acclaimed line Commands in Action! In this version you and your best friend will be able to have underwater adventures!

Immerse yourself in this adventure with the real hero, Falcon goes in search of underwater treasure facing great dangers like the giant octopus! The doll measures 30 cm, has 14 joints and blond hair and beard that look like real. He manages to stay underwater and comes back to the surface when blowing the oxygen pipe. Lots of fun and nostalgia with this classic from our childhoods!

Recommended from 3 years
Material: PVC / Plastic
Height: 30cm

1 Falcon doll, 1 white jumpsuit, 1 black jumpsuit, 1 set of diving accessories, 1 pair of zamak feet, 1 octopus, 1 treasure chest, 1 treasure map, 4 coins, 1 instruction manual