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Natura CHRONOS Esfoliante Antissinais / Exfoliating Antissetes - 50g

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ESFOLIANTE ANTISSINAIS CHRONOS - 50G / Exfoliating Chronos Antissetes - 50g

Skin uniform, soft and luminous from the 1st application. Smooth thin lines. For all skin types.

The antisseting exfoliating has a double exfoliation mechanism: physical exfoliation, which removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin, and chemical exfoliation, which penetrates the pores and stimulates the cellular activity. This combination ensures intense and efficient exfoliation.


• Uniformation of skin texture.

• Reduction of fine lines.

• Stimulates cell renewal.

• Prevents the formation of carnations, leaving the skin softer, luminous and uniform from the first application.

• Fragrance that promotes well-being.


• Bamboo microspheres.

• Glycolic acid.

Content: 50 g.