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Elysée Blanc Eau De Parfum 50ml - o Boticario

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Elysée Blanc Eau de Parfum is a striking feminine fragrance both for the day and for the night. It is a result of the combination of unique ingredients. It unites the sophistication of the Chypre notes with the Sambac Jasmine of India, one of the most scented flower species. Jasmine harvest is a special process. It is done at the beginning of the station, when the flowers are still closed. This procedure highlights their floral notes, which give personality to this fragrance. Chypre is the reconciliation of nameless notes with the freshness of citrus notes and are at the base of this feminine fragrance. These are the most persistent notes on the skin and who leave the trail where the woman passes. The top notes of the Elysée Blanc Eau de Parfum are a combination of fruits such as pear, peach and apricot. These are the first to be felt as soon as the fragrance is sprinkled in the body. This female parfum eau is vegan! And to add up to the sophistication of the fragrance, the Elysée Blanc is stored in a glass with absolute transparency and varnish effect, which highlights the quality of the liquid. A real jewelry! No botican group product is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Frutal Chypre