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Natura EKOS Frescor Buriti / Frescor Buriti - 100 Ml

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EKOS FRESCOR BURITI - 100 ML / Ekos Frescor Buriti - 100 ml

Light cital frutal. A radiant and refreshing fragrance with a natural ingredient of Brazilian biodiversity extracted from the Buriti pulp.

The brightness of a summer day, which combines the freshness of citrus notes and green leaves with the muguet's lightness and a spicy touch of the ginger involved by the Frutal Facet of Buriti, natural ingredient of Brazilian biodiversity. For a perfumation and full care ritual enjoy every line Ekos Buriti.

Olfactory path:

Light frutal.

Olfactory drop:

Out: Green leaves, mandarina, lemon, for, apple, ginger and pepper.

Body: Muguet and Rose.

Background: cedar, musk and ambiage.

Content: 100 ml