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Egeo On You Deodorant Cologne 90ml - o Boticario

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Having seductive notes and a woody body, the EGEO fragrance on You deodorante Cologne is soft and innovative. Developed in an exclusive partnership with IBM (through the Philyra system), it is the first fragrance developed through artificial intelligence. First time in history, a fragrance mixes emotion and machine - the smell of man and the system brain. Before creating fragrance suggestions, the computer has evaluated everything consumers like and seek in perfumery. Philyra brought combinations never before thought! With the suggestions of the platform, the perfumer gave the human touch, bringing the balance necessary for a perfect unisex fragrance for consumption. From the Fougère Hairy Family, Aego on You brings an unusual combination inspired by the mint freshness explosion added to the seductive notes of the woods as a sandalwood and condensed milk. Aego on You deodorante Cologne is for those connected. On is at the same time being on this digital world and within it. ON is to be on, live and moving! Aego understands that being young is to try different worlds at all times. In addition to the deodorant Cologne, this line also owns the EGEO shower gel body and beard hair. A 3x1 product that cleans the hair and body in a practical way and helps in the barbear.Nhum product of the botican group is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Fougère Woody