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Egeo Choc Deodorant Cologne Pocket 30ml

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How about having your favorite fragrance with you? With the Pocket Size perfumery versions you can! And who has just earned a 30ml version is the Shocked Aegean, female fragrance of the Gourmand.Egeo floriental olfactory family invites you to live an explosion of sweetness and femininity in your days. Fragrance combines chocolate smells, cream and whipped cream with a final touch of orange flower with damask! Simply irresistible and addictive! From the gourmand floriental olfactory family, Ageo choc won the new bottle of 30ml and a sturdy packing that can be taken in the bag, backpack and luggage during travels. In addition to being practical to carry, it is also an excellent option to give that special person! Aego choc is also vegan, that is, it does not use any animal products and is not tested on animals. Segredation of Aegeo Chocse amuse is to enjoy all the possibilities as if there were no tomorrow. It's to try and fall in love. Aego choc is also so, a combination of fascinating smells: chocolate, cream and whipped cream. And to get even more passionate, a final touch of orange flower with apricots. Egeo Choc is fantastic as chocolate.After this sweet, young and irresistible fragrance! Olfativa Family: Floriental GourmandExtensions from AEGEO Choc: - Souffle Moisturizing Deodorant Body - Hydrating Bath Deodorant Aerosol Antipolor