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Egeo Bomb Black Deodorant Cologne 90ml - o Boticario

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With Aegean Bomb Black deodorant Cologne incredible things can happen. This male fragrance Fougère gourmand, young and thoughtless sharpens the senses and causes new sensations. Perfect for those who like to surprise! The perfect combination between the leather and caramel notes are highlighted with the Sugar Booster Caramel technology, which brings power and intensity for the fragrance.Egeo deodorant Cologne Bomb Black is the perfect fragrance to have fun and enjoy the moments. A different way of taking advantage of the possibilities, without genres and labels, as if there was no tomorrow. Egeo Bomb Black is an irresistible combination, a deodorant intense and amazing colony to cause the unexpected. Says around causing the unexpected! Egeo Bomb: Incredible things can happen.New a product of the Boticário Group is tested in animals.Family olfactory: Fougère gourmand