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Egeo Blue Deodorant Cologne 90ml - o Boticario

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This sampled oriental fragrance is young and lavishes irreverence and sensuality. Egeo Blue deodorant Cologne is intense, it has hot and velvety notes like the pepper. The notes of malt with cardamom and woods are denser and show the striking personality of this colony deodorant. The combination results in a delicious and addictive male fragrance. It is inevitable the will to get closer to those who use Egeo Blue deodorant Cologne.EGeo Blue deodorant Cologne also combines with the female version Egeo Red deodorant Cologne. A perfect pair for you and someone special. Experience the complete line and feel more fragrant with the Body deodorant Body Spray and Egeo Blue Deodorant Antiprangirante Aerosol.Nhum Group of the Boticário Group is tested in animals. Olfativa: Oriental Woody