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Dylan Professional UDX02 Multi UHF Wireless 2x Microphones + Case Accessories

by Dylan
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The line of Dylan Music microphones were developed with a high standard of quality, which has a standard Polar Cardioid dynamic capsule, providing excellent capture and sound definition.

Microphones made with their structure well reinforced in resistant ABS plastic, a light product with a great grip. The globe has a differentiated shape, entirely manufactured with a steel grille / mesh with a chrome finish, with an internal part with a built-in high-efficiency spherical filter which minimizes wind noise and breathing "pop", in other words, , the inner part of the globe is covered in foamed material. Foam also provides better sound acoustics.

The UDX-02 Kit was designed for versatile use, that is, amateur or professional, it has great sound and timbre, enhancing the voice, microphones with a differentiated and very pleasant sound, ideal for use in various occasions: musical instruments, studios, bands , churches, bars, squares, outdoors, Karaoke, events outdoors, indoors, etc ...

The UDX-02 Microphone also has an On and Off switch (ON / OFF), LED Screen/Display, with screwable globe and capsule with extra protection, in addition to having a beautiful finish in Graphite Black color.

For speaking, singing or miking, the UDX-02 Dylan Music is ideal for many occasions. Product with excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Dylan Music Microphones, Quality That Talks!!!

For greater and better functionality and product durability, follow the recommendations below:
Do not obstruct the microphone grille with your hand, this could distort the sound or cause feedback;
Never stay near the speakers, which can generate unwanted feedback;
Keep the microphone away from moisture or high temperatures;
Do not drop the product or suffer strong impacts;
Always keep the product clean and sanitized, always use foam on the metal globe, as it will avoid possible oxidation;
Clean the product with a dry cloth, do not wipe with a wet or damp cloth;
If possible, the ideal is to use the product privately, avoiding sharing it with other people.
Brand: Dylan Music from Brazil;
Model: UDX-02 Multi;
Model: Professional (Wireless Microphone);
Materials: Metal, ABS (plastic) and Foam;
Microphone material: Thick plastic approx. 4mm thick;
Globe Material: Metal with Chrome finish and plastic parts;
Inner lining material: Foam;
Microphone format: Conical ( Cone );
Metal globe with foam filtering inside, increases the noise reduction effect by up to 30%;
Threadable globe with internal anti-puff foam;
UHF transmission system in the 663.5 to 693.5 mhz range approved by ANATEL;
Microphones with digital display and tuner of up to 30 channels;
On/Off Switch (On and Off);
Power with 1.5v batteries;
System Operating range: up to 100 m under typical conditions;
Audio Frequency Response: 50 to 15,000 Hz, ±3 dB;
Image rejection: 60dB typical Spurious rejection: >60dB typical;
System Distortion (referred to ±15 kHz deviation, modulation at 1 kHz): 0.1% of typical THD Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB;
Sensitivity: -109dB for typical 12dB SINAD;
Operating temperature range: -18°C to 57°C ( Important: Battery characteristics may limit this range );
Battery life: 10 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries Hand-held transmitter;
Connector: 3-pin ¼” male XLR (P-10);
Output settings: Actively balanced;
Power Supply: Adapter 100V or 220V with 2.1mm Female plug;
Phantom Power Protection: Yes.
Anti-shock capsule;
Indicator on;
Volume control;
RF signal indicator;
Broadcast audio peak indicator;
02 Telescopic antennas;
Audio output;
MIX XLR/balanced output;
Power cable clip;
Input power supply;
Manufacturing Origin: China;
Microphone Color: Black;
Globe Color: Chrome;
90-day warranty against manufacturing defects;
Total weight: Approx. 250g (each mic);
Total Weight of Kit with Case: Approx. 1.8Kg's.
01 Case / Case in ABS (Plastic) in Black color;
01 Transmission Base (receiver);
02 Wireless stick-shaped microphones;
04 AAA batteries;
01 12V source;
01 P10 cable;
Warranty manual and certificate.
Product Dimensions:
Microphone diameter (conical shape): Min.: Ø3.4cm x Max.: Ø3.7cm;
Globe diameter: Ø5cm;
Globe height: 4.5cm;
Length / Total Height: Approx. 24cm.

-01 kit with 02 Dylan Professional UDX02 Multi UHF Wireless Microphones + Case & Accessories