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Dream Bath Body Body Splash Deodorant Cologne 200ml

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A powerful fragrance for women full of attitude, so is the dream bath Body Splash Deodorant Cologne. A refreshing body splash that provides those who feel and who uses a memorable and affective fragrance. It has in its olfactory pyramid Italian lemon, cardamom, violet and patchouli, the combination of these notes results in a remarkable, citrus and disruptive aroma. This perfumation is a precursor in the female perfumery and therefore there are few aromas that arrive near the citrus fragrance that the Dream Bath Body Body Splash Deodorant Cologne brings. With 200ml on the packaging, this product is ideal to leave at home and always use after bath. If you want to make the perfumation even more evident, try using the body deodorant moisturizing lotion of the same line. No botican group product is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Fougère Woody