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Phytoterápica Dragon Blood 10ml - PhyToterápica

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Phytoterápica Dragon Blood

This kit contains:

01 - Sap Dragon Blood - 30 ml

The facial blood sap is an extremely smooth and easy-to-absorbing moisturizer, forming a velvety film, which helps disguise small imperfections and stains, reduces dryness and returns the viege, softness and brightness with protective and permeable action on the skin, promotes better oxygenation and skin nutrition.

It presents preventive action in early aging, anti-oxidant and skin regenerator, revitalizes and protects the acne, Oil free tendency.

Mode of use

Apply on the face, not forgetting the region of the neck and lap. Can be used alone by replacing the hydration cream. It can be applied twice a day after skin cleansing. In the morning, use the product then apply the sunscreen and makeup. The night can only use the dragon's blood or before your preferred night cream.


Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water. In case of skin irritation, suspend use. Case persists Look for medical guidance. Store at room temperature.