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Dr. Botica Potion Of Force Cologne 120ml

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Dr Botica is the brand that offers magic and fun products to wake up the imagination in children, as well as being a parent partner in to teach important values. Dr. Botica Potion of Force is a colony for girls that aims to empower them from an early age.Hhere for children from 3 to 6 years, the colony potion of force believes that it is necessary to be fearless to change the world, being daring is To get where no one has arrived. Personality and purpose, the childish fragrance inspires girls to be more confident, strong and determined from early, of course without losing the fun! Soft and with super nice smell, Dr. Botica force potion brings notes of lemon, orange, raspberry, jasmin transparent, transparent wood, musk, gourmand notes, amber, oriental notes, milk and almonds. Inspire yourself with the magic and charm of this children's colony for girls! Present with apothecary and create new worlds on children's day!