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Dr. Botica Potion Of The Heart Cologne 120ml

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Dr. Botica Potion of the heart Cologne brings the playful side to rescue the values ​​of love and affection, making this moment between parents and children in a fun. To turn the moments into pure magic and happiness, Dr. Botica appeared, the wizard of harmony that prepares super scented potions with a lot of history to tell, with the help of her faithful friend and assistant, the Fido Finch. Tested by pediatricians, the children's colony is for children from 3 to 6 years and brings a soft delicious frutal fragrance. Dr. Botica loves plants and animals and uses all his magic to transform the world into a more beautiful place. His creation Dr. Botica Potion of the Heart Child Colony has smell of fruits and flowers and every jet of the infant colony a magic is made and transforms everything around him. Feeling the smell of children has never been so tasty, spreading the cuteness, which only they have, for every environment. The bottle of Dr. Botica heart potion colony also amused, because its format is equal to the laboratory glasses where the child has fun. Made in pet, it is safer for handling and it has the beautiful relief of Dr. botica and spray valve that leaves the application much easier. All the children's products of O Boticário are subjected to clinical studies under the supervision of an ophthalmologist, to ensure that, when they contact infants, they will not cause irritations or tears. These studies are made in adult people. Remember that the application of the product must be accompanied by parents or guardians. Olfativa Family: Frutal Floral