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Diorama Triceratops Art Scale 1/10 Jurassic Park Original Collectible Iron Studios

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Triceratops was a very common dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period. It had a huge, ruffled head with horns over each eye that could reach over 1 meter in length. The triceratops had a third, smaller horn on the nose. They would be fearsome weapons against a predator. This diorama replicates the scene in Jurassic Park (1993) where a Triceratops fell ill while eating Lilac from the West Indies, mistaking its fruits for gastrolytes. During the tour of the support team, Dr. Gerry Harding had gamekeeper Robert Muldoon reassure the sick animal that it would not be aggressive. While he was investigating the cause of his illness, the park's endorsement team entered the enclosure after Dr. Alan Grant heard the dinosaur's moans. Dr. Grant hugged Trike when he saw him. Grant says: "She was my favorite species when I was a child. Now I see her, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.", Dr. Ellie Sattler discovered that Triceratops was sick and decided to stay with Dr Harding to find out the cause.

Product Size 74 cm in length
Polystone Material
Recommended Age Recommended product for those over 15 years old
Gender Unisex
Weight 8 Kg
Lot 172
1/10 scale
Manufacturer Iron Studios
Line Art Scale
Product Type Statue

-01 Diorama Triceratops Art Scale 1/10 Jurassic Park Iron Studios