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Dilophosaurus Art Scale 1/10 Jurassic Park Original Miniature Statue Iron Studios

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Dilophosaurus is a genus of theropodque dinosaur that originated from the early North American Jurassic. One of the first species of considerable theropod carnivores and recognized by the two crests on its head, the Dilophosaurus was, however, small compared to many of its later relatives. However, there was no lack of ferocity and it has the ability to spit poison in its prey, causing blindness and paralysis.
The species that appeared in the first film in the Jurassic Park series, when Wayne Knight's character (Dennis Nedry) is attacked after an accident while trying to escape Nublar Island, is a Dilophosaurus Sinensis, a species found in China. And there is no evidence that this animal was even capable of spitting venom, this feature was inspired by the Australian Dragon Lizard.

Product Size 18 cm
Polystone Material
Recommended Age Recommended product for those over 15 years old
Gender Unisex
Weight 368 g
Lot 171
1/10 scale
Manufacturer Iron Studios
Line Art Scale
Product Type Statue

-01 Dilophosaurus Art Scale 1/10 Jurassic Park Iron Studios