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Natura KAIAK Aero Masculino / Deodorant Roll On Aero Male - 75 Ml

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DESODORANTE ROLL ON KAIAK AERO MASCULINO - 75 ML / Deodorant Roll on Kaiak Aero Male - 75 ml

In addition to protecting and perfuming, it avoids stains on the clothes.

The deodorant roll on Kaiak Aero Male has 48 hours of protection and the fragrance you already know. Feel this pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being all day without spotting the clothes.


• High performance antiperspirant that guarantees 48h protection against sweat;

• Prolonged protection that prevents spots on light and dark clothing;

• Exclusive moisturizing complex with vitamin E;

• Exclusive formula that does not smash the skin;

• Vegan product.

Content: 75 ml