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Natura SOU Pele Extrasseca / Deodorant Body Moisturizing Skin Extraseca - 400 Ml

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DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE CORPORAL PELE EXTRASSECA SOU - 400 ML / Deodorant Body Moisturizing Skin Extraseca Sou - 400 ml

I'm made for you.

Even with work, beach vacation or kidding with children, your skin remains beautiful and moisturized. The new I am 400ml takes care of you to the last drop.


• Surrounding texture with high repair power that strengthens the skin barrier.

• Hydrated, renewed and scented skin for 24 hours.

• I am 400ml has a differentiated packaging that allows you to share until the last drop, and facilitates space optimization if you want to use a cord to hang it. You choose, invent and reuse.

Content: 400ml.