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Natura TODODIA Folhas Limão Graviola / Deodorant Cream Detox Revigorating Lemon Leaves And - 200ml

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DESODORANTE GEL CREME DETOX REVIGORANTE FOLHAS DE LIMÃO E GRAVIOLA TODODIA - 200ML / Deodorant Gel Cream Detox Revigorating Lemon Leaves And Tododia - 200ml

Detox action, fighting on the skin the effects of pollution and free radicals.

The Deodorant Gel Cream Detox Revigorating Lemon Leaves and Graviola Tododia has Detox Action. It acts as an antioxidant, preventing early aging, and antipolution, protecting the skin against polluting particles that can harm it. With revigorating and citrus aromatic fragrance, it has light texture like gel, but at the same time, delightfully creamy, being ideal for automation. Make the unassign exclusive to allocate to enhance the effects of the product.


• Revigorating fragrance, which gives energy and freshness.

• Anti-platucuction action: protective barrier form against pollutants that can impair the skin.

• Antioxidant action: free radical combat that can damage cells and cause early aging.

• Ideal for automation.

• Light texture like a gel and at the same time deliciously creamy.

Content: 200 ml.