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Natura KAIAK Aventura Masculino / Body Deodorant Men's Adventure - 100 Ml

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DESODORANTE CORPORAL KAIAK AVENTURA MASCULINO - 100 ML / Body Deodorant Kaiak Men's Adventure - 100 ml

Sensation of freshness and well-being for the whole body with inspired fragrances in the largest successes of Natura perfumery.

There is nothing better than the sense of well-being and freshness that you feel when you take care. The Body deodorant Kaiak male adventure was developed to keep you protected and scented throughout the day, with fragrance inspired by one of the biggest successes of Natura perfumery. Its formula combines deodorant technology that protects against transpiration odors with perfumation that is perfect for your day to day life. Sensation of freshness and well-being for the whole body. This product has refill.