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Natura KRISKA / Deodorant Cologne - 100 Ml

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DESODORANTE COLÔNIA KRISKA - 100 ML / Deodorant Cologne Kriska - 100 ml

Vibrant and timeless. The sweetness of vanilla notes blends to a striking combination of woods. A fragrance for your most cheerful and feminine moments.

Valuing your special way with a vanilla note that transmits personality, Kriska suits you. The sensation of protection and comfort accompanies you. Walking through the streets his lightness attracts attention, concentrated at work his inspiration attitude, gathered with his friends his good humor infecting, at romantic dinner his fall in love. Different situations but with something in common: Kriska highlights the strength of his femininity, valuing this essence, that no one else has. A woman who is confident, cheerful, intelligent and so many other qualities deserves something special and Kriska is the ideal choice for this.

Olfactory path:

• Boldened biting.

Content: 100 ml