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Natura KAIAK Pulso Masculino / Deodorant Cologne Men's Pulse - 100ml

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DESODORANTE COLÔNIA KAIAK PULSO MASCULINO - 100ML / Deodorant Cologne Kaiak Men's Pulse - 100ml

Vibrant, Kaiak wrist combines herbs with lima notes. A fragrance moving men and exudes adrenaline. Ideal for men who do not like to stand still.

The search for living intensely brings the essence of what Kaiak is. The challenges are attractive to men who do not have fear of venturing. Feeling the movement of the waves Your body absorbs the energy from the sea. Guiding the bike The sensation of command and security is liberating. As it increases the speed of the race you feel your heart earning a surrounding pace. It's a mix of emotions that move you. It's pulsating. Kaiak pulse has an exit that is a blast of freshness, highlighted by the contrast of the floral body. The background is a rich combination of woods like Musc, tonka and incense. Fragrance totally inspired by your energy.

Olfactory path:

• Top: Mandarina, grapefruit, file.

• Body: Ozônico, Rosa, Muguet.

• Fund: Musc, vetiver, cedar.

Content: 100 ml