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Natura KAIAK Feminino / Deodorant Cologne Female - 100 Ml

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DESODORANTE COLÔNIA KAIAK FEMININO - 100 ML / Deodorant Cologne Kaiak Female - 100 ml

Floral. Relaxed. Bergamot.

Kaiak's fragrances are versatile and transmit sensations of freedom. Its fresh, almost cold exit, has bergamot notes, mandarin and green leaves. The search for living intensely brings the essence of what Kaiak is. Without fear of venturing, the brave woman surrenders from body and soul to freedom that nature provides. The wind brings the vibration that shivers and boosts the search for adrenaline. In the city, countryside, sea, cold, rain, heat. Be running, walking, swimming, pedaling, you are sure you are where you want to be. The feminine essence mixes with the power of nature and becomes one. Only. The vibration of female energy is given by the combination of citrus and femininity of flowers, involved by the comfort of the woods with the creaminess of the fava tonka.

Olfactory path:

• Top: apple, bergamot, cassis.

• Body: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet.

• Fund: Musc, Sandalwood, Amber.

Content: 100ml