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Natura EKOS Frescor Feminino Pitanga / Deodorant Cologne Freshness Female Pitanga - 150ml

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DESODORANTE COLÔNIA FRESCOR FEMININO PITANGA EKOS - 150ML / Deodorant Cologne Freshness Female Pitanga Ekos - 150ml

Enriched with Brazilian essential oils, the fragrances of Natura Ekos Freshness invite meeting stories of the richest garden on the planet.

Leaves of pitanga combined with a chord of fresh fruits reveal the full side of this fruit symbol of the tropicality of Brazil. A fragrance with natural ingredient of Brazilian biodiversity extracted from pitangueira leaves.


• A radiant explosion, typical of a sunny day. Pitanga leaves with fresh fruit notes. Vibration and freshness for your days.

Content: 150ml.