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Natura TODODIA Aclarar / Deodorant Antitranspirante Roll-on Clarar

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Desodorante Antitranspirante Roll-On Tododia Aclarar / Deodorant AntiTranspirante Roll-on Tododia Clarar

The Tododia Line Clarar protects against the bad odor and provides a sense of comfort, as well as keeping the axles visibly clearer.

Deodorant Roll On Tododia Clarar was developed to assist in the natural process of recovery and uniformity of skin tonality, maintaining its dried, protected and visibly clearer axles in 30 days *. Its formula has a moisturizing complex and marigold extract.

* With the combined use of the Roll On Toddodia Clarar and the deodorant in Night Cream TodoDia Clarar.


• High performance antiperspirant that guarantees 48h protection against sweat;

• Prolonged protection that prevents spots on light and dark clothing;

• Exclusive moisturizing complex with vitamin E;

• Exclusive formula that does not smash the skin;

• Cleaning exclusive technology;

• Prevents darkening of armpits;

• Uniform and recover the skin has;

• has soothing action, reduces irritation and renews the skin;

• Vegan product.

Content: 70 ml