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Depimiel Hair Removal Waxing Black Mud Microwave Depilatory Hard Hot Wax 200g

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The Microwave Black Depilatory Wax is ideal for any type of hair. This waxing wax is practical and economical, and can be heated in microwaves in the packaging itself. Its balanced formula has natural components, thus providing a practical and effective hair removal.

How to use:
Remove the product cover. Place it in the microwave and heat at high power for one minute (the heating time may vary according to the make and model of the appliance). After heating, wait for approximately 30 seconds before removing the pot from the microwave. Remove the jar carefully, it may be hot. With the help of a spatula, mix the contents of the pot until the wax has a homogeneous and creamy consistency. If you notice any difficulty in homogenizing the wax, heat the product again for another 20 seconds, and so on (if necessary), until you get the indicated consistency (creamy). The wax must not be liquid. The heating time should be reduced according to the amount of wax present in the packaging in the next applications.

-01 Depimiel Black Microwave Depilatory Hard Wax 200g