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Deodorant Cologne Body Splash Native Spa Black Plum, 200ml - o Boticario

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With the native Spa deodorant Cologne Body Splash Black Plum, the whole body is involved in a sensual and intense fragrance, bringing the deepest side of the plum found in East France. In addition, it still assists in the hydration of the skin throughout the day. The Freshness of the Body Splash offers unique and explosive perfumation. Its olfactory pyramid opens with notes of plum leaves, black plum flower and white pepper, evolving to a heart with small fruit smooth, lotus flower, plum pulp, sambac jasmine and peony petals. Finally, the background notes are composed of white violet, heliototropin, vanilla of madagascar, cedar and focus on sustainability, its manufacture still uses a 100% cold process, which means less energy consumption reducing environmental impact .Contem: 200ml