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Natura LUNA Deo Intenso / Deo Parfum Intense - 50ml

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DEO PARFUM LUNA INTENSO - 50ML / Deo Parfum Luna Intense - 50ml

Perfect for the woman who is sensual by nature.

In a more intense version, Cyprus so characteristic of Luna has a generous dose of the most powerful and pure pinkchouli combined with the Gourmand Notes of Vanila, bringing identity and sensuality to the first Deo Parfum of the brand, with a unique selection of female floral and notes Velvety creams of peach. For women who have sensuality to the flower of the skin.

Olfactory path



Intense, to be felt and impress all around you. A fragrance that accompanies you at special and unique moments.

Main ingredients

Patchouli, Vanila, Muguet, Jasmine, Pink, Peach

Use mode

Everyone has a unique way of perfuming. But to take advantage of all the potential of the fragrance, our tip is that it applies it in areas like the fist, neck and behind the ears.

Content: 50ml.