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Natura TODODIA Mãos Uva Rosa Romã / Nutritive Deodorant Cream For Hands Grape Rose And Pomegranate - 50ml

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CREME DESODORANTE NUTRITIVO PARA MÃOS TODODIA UVA ROSA E ROMÃ - 50ML / Nutritive Deodorant Cream for Hands Tododia Grape Rose and Pomegranate - 50ml

Delicate and charming fragrance in a moisturizer to leave your hands soft and well cared for.

Feel the protection of nutritious cream for tododia, a balanced combination of natural ingredients with prebiotic action that feeds and strengthens flora of your skin, and with a light and creamy texture that leaves your hands soft and moisturized.


• Prebiotic action: maintains the natural balance of skin flora;

• Hands nourished deeply: fight free radicals and dryness of the skin;

• Soft and sequin hands: creamy texture that absorbs quickly;

• Natural ingredients: greater affinity with the skin;

• Practical size: it is up in the bag and wherever you want to take.

Content: 50 ml