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Natura CHRONOS Clareador Colo Mãos Fps 30 / Cream Whitening Lap And Chronic Hands Fps 30 - 70ml

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CREME CLAREADOR COLO E MÃOS CHRONOS FPS 30 - 70ML / Cream whitening lap and chronic hands fps 30 - 70ml

Cream that reduces the appearance of dark marks of exposed areas such as hands, arms and lap.

The whitening cream lap and chronos hands have potent assets that treat the skin, causing brands to be reduced. In addition, with the help of vitamin C and niacinamide, it is able to protect the skin from new spots and early aging. The product still has FPS 30 protection and can be used during the day.


• Reduces the appearance of dark brands.

• Protects from the appearance of new brands.

• Prevents signs of aging.

• Hydrates immediately and up to 24 h.


• Aroeira concentrate: a natural whitening that regulates the production of melanin without toxic or collateral effects.

• Niacinamide: It operates in inhibition of melanin transfer.

• Vitamin C: Acts in the inhibition of the first stage of melanin formation.

• Ferulic acid: potent oxidant.

Content: 70 ml.