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Natura CHRONOS Antissinais 70+ Dia Defesa Restauração / Antisset Cream 70+ Day Defense And Restoration - 40g

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CREME ANTISSINAIS 70+ DIA DEFESA E RESTAURAÇÃO CHRONOS - 40G / Antisset Cream 70+ Day Defense and Restoration Chronos - 40g

Reduces wrinkles, increases defense and skin protection, moisturizes and nourishes deep (antioxidant action).

From the age of 70, the skin becomes more fragile and thin. The ideal treatment is the one that restores and strengthens the skin defense system. The 70+ antisset cream reduces wrinkles, increases defense and skin protection, retrieves comfort, moisturizes and nourishes deeply.


• Antioxidant Action: Protects against day-to-day aggressions that accelerate the aging process by fighting free radicals

• High photostable sunscreen (FPS 30 fpuva 10).

• Immediately: recovers comfort and moisturizes deeply.

• After 7 days: Nourishes and revitalizes.

• After 15 days: increases resistance and skin defense.

• After 30 days: improves skin texture and smoothes wrinkles.

• After 60 days: reduces deep wrinkles.

• Light texture.

• Free of oil.

• Velvety texture.


• Passiflora extract - active Brazilian biodiversity that reconstitutes the natural barrier of hydration and skin protection.

• Biosaccharides - assets regulating cell functionality by increasing skin thickness.

Content: 40 g - render up to 80 applications.