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Natura CHRONOS Antissinais 60+ Noite Preenchimento Revitalização / Antisset Cream 60+ Night Filling And Revitalization - 40g

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CREME ANTISSINAIS 60+ NOITE PREENCHIMENTO E REVITALIZAÇÃO CHRONOS - 40G / Antisset Cream 60+ Night Filling and Revitalization Chronos - 40g

Reduces wrinkles, fills the apples from the face, moisturizes deeply and regenerates (cell detox).

From the 60s, wrinkles become more evident and the volume and surface of the skin to decrease. The ideal treatment is one that recovers facial filling and revitalizing the face. The 60+ anti-dimensional cream reduces wrinkles, fills the apples from the face, revitalizes the skin and moisturizes deeply.


• Cellular detox technology, which regenerates the skin by eliminating cellular toxins and repairs the damage suffered throughout the day, nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply.

• Immediately: revitalizes and moisturizes deeply.

• After 7 days: stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.

• After 15 days: it recovers facial harmony and smoothes wrinkles.

• After 30 days: reduces deep wrinkles.

• After 60 days: fills the apples of the face and the volume of the skin.

• Free texture of oil.

• Quick absorption.

• Velvety touch.


• Cash extract - active Brazilian biodiversity that acts as a natural filler of the skin, intensifying the production of hyaluronic acid.

• Oligosaccharides - assets responsible for improving communication between cells in different layers of the skin, strengthening tissues and increasing skin support.

Content: 40 g - render up to 80 applications.