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Extratos da Terra Cream Massage Modeling Guaraná Coffee 1kg Earth Extracts

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Suitable for female and male skins, guarana-cafe hyperemic massage cream activates microcirculation and skin heating. It stimulates lipolysis and reduces measures, giving intense anti-cellular action.

- Coffee Extracer
-Extrate of Guarana
-Nicotinate of methyl (hyperemin)

Mode of use
Massaging on the skin running manual slips up to total absorption. Reapply when necessary. Note: This product is hyper and leaves red skin for approximately 60 minutes after application.

Thermal vitta line
Auxiliary line in localized fats and cellulite, with potentiated action of methyl nicotination, thus facilitating the permeation of cosmetic high-tech assets. Lipopermal and vasodilator line.