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Hidramais Cream Facial Drainage Hydramais 250 ml

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It presents a combination of assets that nourish and turbine cellular metabolism. It has high spreadability and polymer structure. It has low oily load, excellent "After Feel" (touch after use) and hypoallergenic formula.


- postoperative and post-procedures such as peeling, for example

- associated with massages, reduces edems and swellings

- Assist in the firmness of the skin

- Treatments of aging signs (bags, thin wrinkles)

- Improves microcirculation

- Combat flaccidity

- decreased swelling and fluid retention

- Reduces inflammatory processes

- reinforces the production of collagen

- Excellent "After Feel" (touch after use)


Collagen: Delay aging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It helps in the functioning of the lymphatic system and muscle tonicity, thus fighting skin flaccidity.

Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant, prevents premature aging of the skin. Fight directly free radicals, strengthening cells and protecting the skin against solar radiation, pollution toxins and still against the cold and excessive heat.

Ginkgo Biloba: potent antioxidant. Inhibits the destruction of collagen. It has protective action against free radicals.


Individuals with sensitivity to any of the components of the formula.